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the problem is... an aginn 30 inch pipe... buried deep below the street... broke. it'ss closed off streets... left and epairs will ot be easy. (voice only)"ttis is mt vernon" like a volcano... the pressuue spees everything from &ppebbles toopavementt.. (1st man)man for real... if ou ss laugh"the busted pipe is 17 r.. feet below the streets surface: (man in jean &pjacket)"its just the pipes ar so old" and the wwter gushes from every crevice.. (voice: 1st man)"it look like the lower lke underrthe jones falls.."water pourssovee the &pwalls at the mt vernon market center... trapping some cars... while othees... escape. (james scott))the waaer was aaout right herr..."" the wheels on james scott'' car... were submerged.. buttit tarted.. (james scott)"i do wann to hhg it! i do want o hug it! proou of her she made it through soothatssall that matters."(nats moving sandbags)
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ccews easure the depth... (public works )"were working tooshhu ddwn aa20 inch ain to take some pressuue off offthis" an outside show... that has centerrstage workkrs wondering how it will eefect their shows.. this week. "we in the bbilding ight now" people watth... and document wherr road turns to river.... and aasection of the city.. comess o a standstill. doww the street."r rolliig for now... street remaans closed .... -ad lib-in mt veenon kc foo 45 news at five.
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anddthe 600inch watermainn break oo charles and east 20-th streets that flooded roads and closed ddwntown businesses are still in repair, leaving a llo of citizens frustraaed. "this is outrageous i've stopped ountinn how many watermain breakk weeve had summer."no wordd n when that the monument street sinkkole better. because of heavy paans officials aren't expecting it to be fixed until mii--ecember. the sinnhole is also provvn to be very costly. the citt doubles its estimatee pte water main breaks are st.. causing traffic probllms toniggt tonight.bbandi proctor tells us what places to watch out foo. for. mapplibertyy0395
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3the... man... behiid... one of tthemost beloved children's characters... pn t-v.../ is... under nattve kevin clash the voice of lmo is accused of having sex with an underage boy. the puppeteer who erforms as &pelmo on sesame ssreet is taking a leave of absence in
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the wake of the allegations. & dundalk the place clash grew up 33 3 that brings us to that brings us to oor questioon
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of the day. dd ou think kkvin clash... the voice of elmo should be ffred? &pand tell us what you think. you can aalo sound off through at foxbaltimore. and youucan text yyur answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. more questions about the &p aaspecial panel that - aaery... asen-stark hasn't met.... for years... and no one knows's a lapse in oversight that cityy councilman arl tokes says raises questions about just how well the ooerhauled ettics board is doing. 2:50:28"i'm concernee in senss if it is the ethics board it
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sounds counter intuive that eveyrthing s not laid out on the table, that there is not overishgt, hat we're not watching eveyrhting, and the citiznes are eeling uncomfortable." 3&plass week tte city ethics board mettin secret, and later refusee to releaae details about their agenda to fox 45. toniggtt.. new details... urroonding... a... ffrst on fox... investigatiin...//. following... our... crime civil rights... organization... has... called... on the baltimore... police investigation.../.. -3 investigatiin.../ at hh video posted on facebook by to investigate the fallout - from this officer's actioos. outrage... from cmmunity activists regarding comments while disciplinary action is peing demanded tonight ... the ddpprttent haasyet to act... any... as a result we officer by name.
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(((kg))) along side this a baltmore city police ooficer who identified himself as succ day in baltimore". 1102:55 i'd go as far as saying tte statements quit frankky were racist. reverend c-d witherspoon who oversees baltimore's chapter oo the ponference is outraged.... he wants this officer not onll invvstigattd by reprimanded.. 1:044 22 those sentiments could potentiallyybe leading to a mindset so were conceened about a person with that sorr of mindset policing the witherspoon pointinggto this - case as another reason why the deeprtment needs a social mmdii policy n place. stand-up 1:36:49 while the southern christian leaderrhip conference preparrs to ffle a complainttwith the baltimore thii officer's behavior ... we also have theepolice union fighttthee stablishment of a social media policy :00tighter two 3:22:422we don't need a policy to govern sociaa media not in this country i juss thhnk it's a linn we should &pnot beecrossing. our
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video frommaa accident vered officer's personal nd very the 2 minute recooding...yyu overhear joking nd aughter other commentssmade on hhs page involve a suspect anndhow the officer enjoys thh powwr he has punish the peeson. that the wrong messageeto the is talking abouttbuilddng mish bridges20:38:14 ou're right &pthiigs like that give thhe pnly))joy leeola foo 45 news at ten. activists are also innerested ii nnwing whether any racial discriminiation complaints have been filed againstt hisspaaticular news at 5:00. 3
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p,3a dominating ictory by the ravens yesterday against the raiders...the purple and black set a franchhse record with 55 points scored... ssooed...sports director... &pbruce cunningham... joins us p.. with a look... aa how... the rrvvns... lit up... the scoreboard... bruce... the baltimore ravenn had a well-earned reputation for excellent defense....his have fallen off in tghat aaea, but thh offense is showiig it's ready to fill the voidd..they lefttno doubt yesterday they piled up over 400 yards they scooedset a team record, - and is also the mmst points scored by ann nfl team this year...joe flacco threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns from their special offset 22 yyrds of offense from carson palmer and the raiier offense...ravens fans, this ii the new ormal... team hht we've played alllhat & ear long. i jus believe that we have to
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conninue stack these weees s far asspractice. you know, transferr o the field. i really believe we ppayed gooo from theesdecks in owings t - mills..after all, it's steeler week...we'll talk about that coming up a little later in sports. showed off tteii purple pridee thh raiders yesterday. here's a ppoto sent i from kylie. she's sporting hhr purple, ann this one's sent in from marjorie. here's laura whhse 5 and eva wwose 3 months. there both decked out in purple from head to toe. laura even has on a purple ring. 3 show ussyour purple to us ttrough purple -at -fox o- baltimore -dot- com.anddyyu can ee those pictures on our "see it shoottit send it" page at foxbaltimore dot com.or you
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facebook dot ccm slash &pffxbaltimore... click on pinside fox45." a bus driver s fired after video goes viial of the man punching an unruly female ppssenger.the driver's justiffcation for the brutal upercut. the head f the c-i-a... steppinn down. the e-mails that led to a sex scandal coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- p, have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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video... went iral... wwen... artis hughes ... puuching... the unruly p hughes... claamed his actions... were in... self defense....after thh woman pushed hhm...//. now... authority says... after... involviig... a bus driver and passenger... took place earlier this month.. as leeders in washington try to figure out who knew what &pand whee regarding david petraees' sudden departure jill kelley is ssid o be the - probe that lee to petraeus' social liaison to miliiary d baaes in florida. sources say kklley received harassing emails ffom biographer paula broadwell...the womannwho had tte affaar. kelley's complaint is what led the f-b-i to her relationship with petraeus.- "i don't know anywho was pasn't shocked y kkow that there must be there."petraeus was suppose to testify in thh
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hharing on he attacks in benghazi, but now theeagency's interim director "michael morel" will speak in is place.. lance armstrong has officiallyy foundation. h the livestroog today, a livestrong ssokesperson ccnfirmed that the disgracee orrer professional cyclist voluntarill reeigned from its board off irectors. armstroog helped create thh organization 15- yeaas ago after he nearly died of testicular cancerr according to livestrong... armstrong teeped down to spare the organization ny further negative effects as a career. the mmve is the lateet allegattons armstrong used performance-enhancing ddugs. armstrong has not dmitted to using the substances, but e has aaso chosen not to ight
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the chargee against him. earlier we told ttat kevin clash ...theedundalk native street character elmo has taken a eavv of absencc. accusations that he had sex pith an uuderage boy....ut no crrmmnal ccarges have been file. filed. its our question of the day firee?. so far most of the ?..- response on our faccbook page reminds us that you are innoceet until proven guilty. go to foo-baltimore dot ccm you can also souud off througg facebook. seed us a tweet.. text your answer to 452033 enter fox45a for yes.. or foo45b for no. 3 an llegal drug... credited witt fighting the flluwe'll tell you whhch one it is.... have. and where peopll re having to waak through knee hhgh outside their homes and whht authrities aae doong aboot the mess. p3
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--adblib eather tz-- & there's...
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water in venice.../ then... there's water in vvnnce...///. historic canals... over- running....the city... thanks to thh... more than... 9- inches of rain.... that fell... innthe ttucany region... in... 4---hours...///. the... massive flloding ... collapsed triggering llndslides... destroyyng vineyards... andd...ollve groves....// more thann.. far,... no so - deaths... reeprted. -- reaattto tooy -- meanwhile, we're enjoying a second day of beeutiful
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&pweaater....warm temperatures..... sunny long will ittsti around.....chief meteorologist vytas reid.... 3 governor martin o'malley has
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issues with the wwy petitionss are passed.whh he calls the petition process "too easy." doors earry... to bback friday &pshoppers.what time on ááhanksgiving dayá... you'll bb able to score the best deals.
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fighh the dootor recommends youutake meth... since it ills brain cells and weakens the heart....but &presearchers ay the study may help find safe compounds for the future. don'ttappear to end... you may have annallergy to mold.when peopleewho are allergic to mold inhale the spores, whether utdooos or indoors, sneezing, itching, congestion and a runny nose. hereeare some ttps for taming your allergy...minimize time outside when the mold spore count is elevated...wear a pust mask when around mold sources such as wwee raking leaves or digging plants...use centrallaii conditioning withh aahepa filter...and use a dehumidifier in the basement. mothers-to-be who have the flu have a slightly iicreaseddrisk &pof having a child with autism found children of mothers who reported aving the flu while pregnant were twice as likely
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&pto develop auuism.but wwmen should not be overly conceenedd py these results... as the risk seen was extremely small. a... rrlease date ... is... been... set... forr.. the latest and phone....// the.... - blackberry... 10.../ will be launchedd.. january according... to... rrsearch... in... motion's weesite. operating system ...hhs bben - delayed .. several... times...// and... ii meant be... the linchpin... of the comppny'ssturnaround..../ blackberrr 10 .... is... expected bring ...the company's softtare phones ... into... closer commetition... with apple ...anddgoogle..../details... on... new smartphones... and... their availability... will be announced ... early next year. toos-r-us... is... addiig its name... to the growingglist of opeeing to shoppers... ááeforee black frrday...//. &ppeople... will be able... to gee nto the store ...starting at 8 p-m....thanksgiving day...//.that's.... an... hour earlier... than lass year..../ k-mart ...ann walmart ...are pmong the other ssooes ...that they're... open to shoppers - ... thanksgiiing day. 3 one week after the dream
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you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at first on fox a police
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officer has been suspended in cootection with an contact with aateen at a group home.///2-shot effmelinna roeder is hhr ith the story. story. commmssioner onfirmed that aa baltimore city police officer is now parr oo a criminal alleged sexual assault.the officer is 38-year-old elliit simon. and tte alleged victim is an 11-year-old female.the weekend aaterrthe department - the incidenn took place saturday - while the officerr &pto a call at a group home for teenage giils in orthwestt

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